Today we saw the Last Supper, another DaVinci masterpiece (he also painted the Mona Lisa of course). Now, look at the figure on the right. It's who? Jesus of course, I mean Jesus of Nazareth. Allora - who is to his right (the left as we look at it?) Would you say that's a woman or a man? Exactly! It looks like a lady but it is supposedly the disciple John. Some say it is actually Mary Magdalene. Read Dan Brown's 'The DaVinci Code' for more on that. Controversial!
Catwalk practice even though it's a bit early for fashion week in Milan.
Angela Gotti aka 'Profe' lecturing us on how despite her being 40 years older than all the members of the collective Ragazzi, they are simply walking to slowly, there are still so many important things to see, she loves them very much and now quite simply get up and andiamo! bene bene bene ...
Moises and Amelia pose while a ghostly figure passes by in the station at Milan.
Beautiful weather! Barbara was our leader today from Liceo Copernico and it was an easier pace (she's next to Aliya).
A stroll through the Sforza's medieval residence in Milan. Nicolo proving a point on the left - strong opinions.
International BFFs!

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