Buon Giorno!!
The days are flying by and we are continually checking items off the to-do list...
As you know, this will be the first exchange for King Chavez Community High School, and for me, being that this is the first exchange I will lead, I am on a steep learning curve and loving every second of it. Taking this idea from exactly that, an idea, to fruition involves more steps that I can possibly mention here and I have to say that I am enjoying every step of the process because I know that it's putting me a step closer to this dream come true.
As a language teacher, having the opportunity to take your students to the target country is, in essence, a career dream that few teachers have the chance to make happen. I know that I am fortunate to work in a school that is as supportive of "out-of-the-box-thinking" as KCHS is and I am reminded daily that hard work pays off. I hope that through my experiences and this blog, more teachers can be motivated to set their standards high and strive to show their students the world, not just the language on paper.
I am hopeful that language teachers can be the door to the world, and together we can create a more united, educated, and informed generation.

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