Both Ragazzi (classes) gather round in Verona, as one of the Liceo Copernico students teaches us all about the city we're in, and the 1900 year old Arena specifically.
Strolling from the train station to the center of the city; the first walk of the day. Trust us, this is just the beginning!
Shelby, Eileen, Aliya, Blanca, Amelia and Zabrina strike a pose in front of the cathedral in Ferrara on Monday. A quiet town, less tourists, but still ancient buildings and graceful piazzas (squares) around every corner.
We all made it to the top of the tallest tower in Bologna. Traditionally, students in Bologna don't climb the tower as a superstition says that they won't graduate if they do. They didn't seem too stressed about it, luckily.
On the far left is one of the family members that runs this restaurant and pasta making school. Her grandmother was the first female pasta chef in Bologna back in the day. She is a very funny woman, and an absolutely brilliant teacher - modelling, explaining, involving students and then leaving us to make our own once we got the knack - ideal gradual release teaching!
Making tagliatelle was probably the easiest version of pasta. It's named after its resemblance to long blond wavy hair.
Antonio! The quiet pasta making genius teaches a group how to make the ricotta and herb mix to go in the tortelloni shells
Eileen and Mr Fowler started experimenting with different photography tricks in this street in Florence while waiting to see Michaelangelo's world famous statue, David. Sorry, but how cool is that sentence! Rumor has it that even though you're not supposed to take pictures of David, there is one on Fowler's camera.
Glorious afternoon in Florence, looking at the famous tower of the powerful Medici family (center) who patronized artists such as Michaelangelo and DaVinci, playing their part in catalyzing the Renaissance of the late 15th and 16th centuries which changed art, architecture, music, medicine and thinking across Europe. And the city still knows how to make a good gelato just FYI.
Melissa's reading from an Italian magazine after a long day in Florence made a few of our Italian amici laugh. Her Italian skills have grown by leaps and bounds, plus check out the stylish glasses.
A tranquil vista rewards tired legs after a week of walking.
Eileen pointing out some of the finer points of Renaissance architecture to Mrs Threatt. The white and green marble on these famous buildings, the wet flagstones and weak morning sunlight created an atmospheric moment for our arrival in the center of Florence.
Moody skies over Bologna on Tuesday. You can see why it's called the red city.
A flash mob rehearsing in Verona for an elaborate marriage proposal, as Vaqueros watch from above.
Rosa leads from the front along a narrow street in Verona. We have probably walked at least one marathon this week, under the constant urging of host teacher Angela Gotti to 'andiamo Ragazzi! Let's go! So much to see!'

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